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    Our mission is to educate, train and support children and youth in Southeast Asia ; enabling them to improve their material living conditions and to build themselves up intellectually, emotionally and morally. We go where nobody else goes, to help the poorest children and their communities. We carry out programs in remote areas, slums and with ethnic minorities. Active in 7 countries in Southeast Asia: – Laos (since 1958), – Cambodia,...
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  • Featured Causes
    You can help us by joining the enthusiastic team of volunteers. – April 21, 2017: On the initiative of Children of the Mekong, 10 charities will gather for a “Dancing party” !! – From May 4th to May 19th 2017, Art exhibition associated to the French May. – “Défi du Mekong”: Join a team of runners ready to take up the challenge ! – Starting in February, once a month,...
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  • Featured Causes
    For the year 2017, help us finance projects in Cebu City, the second largest city of Philippines: – a daycare, Batang Mekong program, located on a former garbage dump, for 80 children (from 1 to 6 years old), instead of wandering in the shantytown; – a student center in Cebu City where residents coming from very poor families can live and study in a favorable environment which support learning and...
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Building a better future for children in South-East Asia

Since 1958, it is nearly 22 000 sponsored children and 60 000 supported children that can now have access to Education.
“Children of the Mekong” supports the construction of over a hundred development projects per year (schools, wells…) and manages 10 centers and 77 foster homes.
60 International Solidarity Volunteers, the Bamboos, are sent on the field for at least one year in order to keep track of our different projects.
“Children of the Mekong” takes action in 7 countries: Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Burma and China.

Child Sponsorship

HKD 250 a month can change the life of a child.

Offering children sponsorship is a unique and personal way to take them off the streets and the living hell that are prostitution, forced labor and drugs.


By sponsoring a child you enable him to go to school and have hope for a better future.

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Supported Projects

Do you want to generate an impact on children lives?

You can contribute or fund-raise 2 projects in Cebu City, Philippines

  • a daycare located on a former garbage dump,
  • a student center in Cebu City where residents coming from very poor families can live and study in a favorable environment.

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Fundraising Actions

Become a volunteer

Your enthusiasm and energy are welcome!


No special skill is needed, only a desire to help others.


We have a lot of projects for 2017 and we are counting on you!

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