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Our Mission

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Our mission is to educate, train and support children and youth in Southeast Asia ; enabling them to improve their material living conditions and to build themselves up intellectually, emotionally and morally.

We go where nobody else goes, to help the poorest children and their communities. We carry out programs in remote areas, slums and with ethnic minorities.

Active in 7 countries in Southeast Asia:
– Laos (since 1958),
– Cambodia,
– Vietnam,
– Thailand,
– The Philippines (since 1997),
– Burma (since 2001)
– China (Yunnan, since 2008)

Vision and Mission:

For the children and families living in harsh and impoverished conditions in Southeast Asia to come out of poverty and live with dignity.

Our mission 
Educate, train and support children and young people, to enable them to improve their material living conditions and build themselves up, intellectually, emotionally and morally. 

Our values 
– Respect every human being regardless of origin, culture or religion
– Build Trust
– Demonstrate Loyalty

In addition to promoting the sponsorship of students, « Children of the Mekong » raise funds from individuals and corporations to finance construction projects, and cover operating budget of student program.

A construction project is the construction or the renovation of a school, the purchase of school equipment and supplies, the building of wells and the digging of ponds…

Financing a student program is allowing poor but very motivated students to carry on with their studies.