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For the year 2017, help us finance projects in Cebu City, the second largest city of Philippines:

  • – a daycare, Batang Mekong program, located on a former garbage dump, for 80 children (from 1 to 6 years old), instead of wandering in the shantytown;
  • – a student center in Cebu City where residents coming from very poor families can live and study in a favorable environment which support learning and development.

Help us to support two projects in Cebu, Philippines

batang-08-2016The Batang Mekong daycare program 

The Inayawan garbage dump is situated at 5 km south of Cebu. It was closed in 2015, but hundred of rag-pickers families still live there because they have nowhere else to go.

Created in 2001, the « Batang Mekong daycare program » include 7 daycares hosted by rag-pickers families and where 14 mums were trained to become Child development workers. Those daycare provide to 80 children from 1 to 6 years old:

  • 1 meal per day (maybe the only one) and medications if need be. The children are washed and their diapers changed and their heights and weights are checked.
  • Instead of wandering in the shantytown, children learn to respect communal life rules. Using a Montessori pedagogic, it prepares them to entering school at the age of 6
  • A place where they receive care, love, security and where they can express their own personalities.

A “Children of the Mekong “students center in Cebu City 1600_389_vignette_class-2

Created in 1998, this student center is the oldest and largest student residence in Philippines.
Our goal is to provide accommodation to university students that cannot afford living in the City (average family income PHP 3270 that is to say EUR 62 / HKD 511 with an exchange rate 1EUR=53 PHP, 1PHP=6,4 HKD).

During their 2 to 5 years of university, we give them additional tutorial, we provide professional life training, we help them find a job and we coach them on their first job.

In 2015-2016, 64 students benefited from this program.
In 2016-2017, we welcomed a new promotion of 16 students.