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Child sponsorship

A small contribution for a big change !

Child Sponsorship Program is an individual sponsorship between you and a child.

Your monthly donation will be used directly to your sponsored child, according to his/her needs:

  • School fees, uniforms, books and stationeries,
  • Supplementary food and medication for the family,
  • Hygienic products such as soap and tooth brush,
  • Pocket money for him/her.

A portion of your donation will go to a solidarity fund in case of natural disaster and to help the schooling of unsponsored children in difficulties.

You and your sponsored child

You can keep up with the development of your sponsored child and get to know him better. Your sponsored child will write two to three letters per year to you letting you follow what’s happening in his/her life and mind. If it is possible, you will receive copies of his/her school reports as well.

Local support for the child

We organize regular meetings that enable us to monitor their schooling, and to distribute supplies if required. Supplies are, as far as possible, given as payments in kind in order to ensure that the budget is correctly used.