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Fundraising Challenge

Do you want to generate a major impact on children lives?

It is very simple!

You can contribute, or fundraise on your own, a dedicated development project.
Children of the Mekong/Enfants du Mékong carry out 100 development projects every year to improve the environment for both children and their families, such as school, classrooms or wells building, bicycles, cattle purchase…

Involve your company or your employer!
Take part to a challenge event to fundraise a project!

Our commitments

The projects that you fund respond to real and identified needs in Southeast Asia.

Our overseas volunteers based in Southeast Asia monitor the projects and work directly with our local partners.

Your money is used for the project you choose.

You will follow the project step by step

Project description

You will get a detailed project description which explains the local situation, why this project is necessary, an introduction of the local project manager and a budget.

Follow up

When the project will be funded, the construction or purchase will start and you will receive an intermediary document with photos and budget adjustments.

Spread the word

Once the project is completed, you will receive a closure document with photos and final budget. You can share those information to your donors.